Our amazing catering team!

by aged eatery

Let's tell you our first catering story! I'm so excited! Well once that order came the sound of cha-ching from my phone was music to my ears. That's when i saw someone purchase the catering table! "Thank you beautiful lady" 

Here i go and plan out with my team and just know that i'm in the states now so i had to wake up around 2-3am to be on zoom call with my team and try to explain what i had in my mind and how i wanted it to be executed.. 

I loved how our team was excited just as i was and they're performance was actually profesh, knowing that only my husband and brother had cars they had to literally search for the missing items. This was frustrating to them for some reason, as they were looking you can imagine the pain of the traffic and how the time flew! 

At this point i was stressed because i had to do everything by phone with the ladies showing them how i imagined the cheese platter on another line with my bestie "who came to my rescue" explaining the type of flowers because the guys had to deal with the other stuff! 

When we arrive to the location after getting everything done, we realised we had the wrong dimensions of the table so our centerpieces were too big for even the plates to fit! As we came up with a solution which is to move the centerpieces to the floor under the main table we had to go back and get our mini flower arrangements and set them instead and guess what? We did it! we made it happen!